10 minutes breakfast recipes for early morning schools

The early morning rush to get your kids ready for school is going to be back soon. Here are some really quick vegetarian tiffin ideas under 10 minutes.

1. Bhel

Make a healthy bhel with rice puffs, peanuts, chana, fresh tomatoes, green onions, n homemade farsan which is low calorie and fulfilling option.

Do not forget to add some sprouts if you have them ready. This will add freshness and a little more of goodness.

2. Wheat Pancake

Usual chapatti flour with finely chopped veggies and little seasoning makes a yummy pancake. Children will love to eat it with any chutney. 

Same could be easily done with gram flour. This is popularly known as cheela.

3. A malai n sugar sandwich

On multigrain bread, spread some fresh milk cream and sugar, and make a sandwich. This tastes yummy.

The malai or cream could be replaced with homemade butter. The unsalted homemade butter is very healthy and should be consumed regularly in every meal.

4. Homemade Khakaras

Khakaras are super handy and are a healthy option for breakfast tiffin. There are various flavors of whole-wheat, nachni and other grain khakaras easily available which could prove to be morning savers for many moms.

You can pair them with homemade laddos. This makes a great combination.

5. Fresh Fruits

Fresh seasonal fruits would be the best of all.

Choose for bananas, apples, pomegranate, melons, berries, grapes etc..

Children will love it. Do pair them with some nuts n seeds.

6. The wheat flake chat

Mix the readily available wheat flakes with fresh cut tomatoes, onions, coriander and put some chat masala on it. If available put some finely chopped boiled potatoes also.

7. Corn chat

One of the famous Indian snacks. Boiled corns with a little seasoning could be savored for the breakfast too.

If available, fresh sprouts and peanuts could also be added to make it more filling.

8. Peanut butter Banana sandwich

 Famous in the west, this is super easy and nutrient rich breakfast option for tiffin. Full with protein his gives right start to the children.

Pair them with homemade savory crackers.

9. Paneer bhurji sandwich

Crumble that paneer in the fridge quickly and add some finely chopped onions, tomatoes, coriander and chat masala and a little salt. Spread it on ghee toasted multi grain bread.

10. Veg curd sandwich

On a multigrain sandwich, spread some homemade curd spread. Layer some veggies and a healthy sandwich is ready.

Curd Spread: take some thick curd and add some salt, chili powder. Mix some grated carrots, beetroots and a very little garlic paste and the delicious spread is ready.

Breakfast being the first and the most important meal of the day, is responsible for giving your child energy for the day. Never let your children miss breakfast. Keep experimenting with the recipes and see what your children like. Encourage them to eat healthy.