11 Good Habits for children to follow daily

There is a lot to do for kids’ in today’s world. So other than watching the dumb box or the TV or playing games on mobile or watching YouTube, these are the actual habits which make a good child.
  1. Get up early
Starting a day early gives you advantage over others. Remember: “An early bird catches the worm”. This habit will take you to a path uphill for sure.
  1. Brushing teeth twice daily
Though a lot of importance has been given now days to the oral hygiene, this is still the most ignored but the simplest habit that a child could follow. Not only this keeps their oral health in check, it keeps them away from unnecessary embarrassment which hinders self-confidence.
  1. Getting ready independently
This includes taking shower or bath by self, wiping self-clean, wearing cloths by self and grooming self too. This helps in building self-confidence.
  1. Praying Daily
Prayer has power. Whoever you pray, make it a habit to pray daily. Chant mantras or pray in silence. Visit your place of worship regularly. The power of belief works magically.
  1. Taking care of the siblings
Help the young siblings in their studies, play with them. Help them in grooming. This helps build sibling bonding which goes a long way.
  1. Help in daily chores
Cleaning, washing cars, welcoming guests, making your own bed, folding your own clothes are some of the examples that are to be done by children on daily basis.
  1. Spending time with grandparents
The old generation has a treasure of wise experience that cannot be replaced. We should let the children to:
  • Read stories with them
  • Pray with them
  • Spend time chit chatting to explore their knowledge
  1. Being Responsible with their belongings
The habit of keeping their toys, games and books etc. in place neatly and being responsible for them, makes the children grow into a responsible human being.
  1. Make good friends
The good friend would never let you down, will never let you do anything wrong which you cannot tell your parents. Take time to make friends and be a good friend too. You will know when you find one. Have patience.
  1. Sharing everything with parents
Your parents have solution for every problem of yours. Never be afraid of telling anything to your parents. Make them your best friends.
  1. Last but not least keep reading and playing
Read books and read the newspapers too. You might not understand politics yet but there is a lot more to newspapers. The Sunday newspaper is fun. Go solve that cross word or Sudoku, color that picture, and Crack the puzzle. Send your pictures or articles to them. Play a lot. Go outdoors. Run a lot. Be among nature. Remember, an early start is never wasted.