5 Daily Habits For An Independent Child

As our lives are evolving day by day with rapidly changing technologies, we as human beings are facing lot of Competition. Everyone is busy with own work and deadlines. Hence it’s very important to be an independent when it comes to basic daily life skills. It’s need of an hour to learn basic habits which will make kids independent and responsible towards own work.   It is said that it’s easy for kids to pick up habits then why not show them the way to the correct ones.

Here are few easy habits we can watch for and ask kids to follow and get developed

  • Cleanliness

 Wash hands, feet once back home from play or school. As a part of Dental care, it’s good to show our kids right way to brush the teeth and get it done from them on daily basis, two times a day. Also brushing is must after eating chocolates, sweets. 

 Let them have fun by taking bath on own, once a while (of course, it’s for smaller kids , bigger one  can take bath on  their own ,daily )

  • Carry  own plate and glass to sink

Let them keep the plate and glass to sink once done with eating. There is absolutely no need to feel shy or bad or guilty if he or she is washing it and keeping it to dry.

  • Eat with one’s hand

Earlier, the better. Kids enjoy food more when they eat on their own. The only part we have to bear is cleanup later which is worth of all.

  • Taking care of own belongings (responsibility)

It’s important to understand the value of money.Let it start with school belongings like school bag, books ,shoes etc. Keeping shoes back to right place, keeping books  neat in cupboard so that will get it when needed, handling school bag with proper care are some of the dos.

Taking care of own uniform after returning back from school, like keeping it to air dry on hanger and then folding it.

  • Follow Bedtime Routines

Always a good practice to sleep early and rise early. It gives more time to kids to play, to participate many other activities apart from regular study.

Many times a question comes in mind that What is ideal age to follow such habits? It’s up to every parent when to start following as there is no fixed age. But having these habits will make them an active, an independent person in future for sure.