75+ things for families to do while in lockdown

Being indoors is not only difficult for just children but for adults too. With a bit of creativity and acceptance to change, families could make the most of the time they are spending indoors.

Here is a list of things that families can pick from to do and make this time count too.

Fitness & Self care

  • Try different workouts each day.
  • Have a yoga pose challenge.
  • Have a rope skipping challenge.
  • Plan a home marathon run. Whoever runs till the last, wins.
  • Let the kids be your trainers.
  • Practice deep breathing every day.
  • Drink lots of water. Let a family member count your intake. Pick a daily winner.
  • Create a home scrub and let the kids scrub you.
  • Plan a family massage day.
  • Let the kids do you makeup.
  • Plan a pedicure/manicure day with your girls.
  • Give the kids a new hair style.
  • Let the kids do your hair.
  • Meditate together.
things for families to do in lockdown

Family time

  • Watch your wedding videos and pictures together.
  • Bring out old pictures and create a picture collage.
  • Group call/video call to the grand parents/uncles-aunts/cousins.
  • Have a family picnic in the yard.
  • Watch inspirational movies together.
  • Play family hide and seek.
  • Switch roles. Let them play parents for a while.
  • Read a lot of books.
  • Bring out old magazines and browse.
  • Clean up the store room.
  • Write letters.
  • Get an extended sleep.


  • Sleep out in your yard one night.
  • Create wall hangings from wood sticks, leaves, stones, threads etc
  • Start creating compost from the kitchen waste.
  • Trim your plants and grow new from cuttings.
  • Build a bird house.
  • Build a bird feeder.
  • Start growing veggies from the cuttings/seeds from the food along with the kids.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Create a mud castle.
  • Let them water the garden/plants their way.
  • Paint the pots.
  • Build a tree house.
  • Rearrange the pots and plants.
lockdown recipies


  • Create no cook recipes and make it with them.
  • Cook out if you have a yard.
  • Let the kids prepare fruit salads, eggs, pancake batters etc. Involve them in the kitchen.
  • Bake cookies in different shapes. Let the kids create the shapes.
  • Try your hand at different cuisines.
  • Plan the weekly menu together and everyone prepares and cooks.

Fun indoors

  • Rearrange their wardrobe and yours too.
  • Create a play and act in front of family members.
  • Create treasure hunt for children.
  • Build a camping corner.
  • Play board games.
  • Throw a random snacks/tea party.
  • Let the kids bathe with their toys.
  • Decorate the bedroom.
  • Plan a karaoke night.
  • Plan a dance party. Everyone must dance.
  • Arrange a puppet show at home.
  • Create a daily diary and let them write/stick pictures/paint etc. and depict their day their own way.
  • Thriller story night. Include sound effects.
  • Create your own language/pass codes and talk in them.
  • Crete your own games.
  • Record a talk show with them as celebrities.
  • Play brain games.
  • Play truth or dare with kids.
lockdown fun
lockdown art

Arts and Craft

  • Paint a wall.
  • Create a quotes collage.
  • Create origami characters and build a story.
  • Create jigsaw puzzles from old picture collages.
  • Create organic clay from flour or paper.
  • Start creating greeting cards for the full year holidays and birthdays.
  • Create a doll house from used cartons.
  • Paint stones and decorate a corner with them
  • Let them paint a tattoo on your body.
  • Learn towel/napkin folding.
  • Create leaf art from dry leaves.

The first thing that goes out of order is the daily routine and schedule. Though it is not completely unfair to let the time slip in doing things that you might be thinking as unproductive, but the truth is that these are the things that we all actually needed time to catch up on.

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