A parent’s letter on Children’s Day

To, Today’s Children, C/O Virtual world of TV and Mobiles

Dear Children,

Chin up, show up and get ready for your day !!! yesss……Its your celebration time. Childrens’ Day is round the corner. Soon coming is the day of yours. Specially dedicated to you. By now we all know, We celebrate 14th November as Children’s Day or Bal Diwas. Its India’s First Prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday.

The day reminds us that every child deserves education, care, love and support. They are the building blocks of the nation and hence, the future of the nation depends how well they are brought up.

Schools, colleges and Many other institutions celebrate the day by arranging competitions, games and fun events. They also distribute gifts, snacks to kids and let them have a party time.

kids are our Future. Hence it’s important to cultivate in them the basic life values of humanity, care and respect for others. We parents always try and promise to keep trying to make our kids good human beings first.

Every parent is giving her/his best possible to their kids to have them fulfilled childhood. We try to give you what you want, above all what you really need. As a parent, we always speak about your progress card, school grade and competitions. But Today I want to talk about few things for your better habits.  I take the opportunity of this childrens’ day to share few things which not only will help you in your future but also will make you a better kid of today.

PLAY OUTDOORS It not only gives you a good mood booster but will also make you physically strong. You will learn how to be social. However busy you are, you still can take an hour out to play on ground. Get out, run, do cycling or play any outdoor games that you enjoy with your friends. Don’t just chit-chat on your new gadgets, toys but instead share with your friends which books you enjoy reading.

READING is a habit which not only gives you knowledge but also invests your time at right place. You can learn so many things that are already narrated by great leaders, authors.

DEVELOP A HOBBY Hobby is an activity that keeps you busy in right way. It may be reading, dancing, drawing or playing a particular sport. Try to know what you like, what makes you happy. Be frank with your parents to share on activities that you would like to take up as hobby.

TALK TO YOUR PARENTS DAILY However busy your parents are, don’t forget to share with them how your day was. Even if they don’t ask, they are always eager to know about your daily activities.

SAY BYE-BYE to electronic Gadgets Live in real world and say bye-bye to virtual world of mobile apps, mobile games etc. Rather invest your time in outdoor plays or hobbies. Set an example for your friends !!

Your parents are and will always be proud of you. Dear children, do think over this message, try to follow it  and see yourself how happy your parents will be, how fulfilled your life will be. I again wish you all the best for your future and a happy childrens’ day!!  

Yours sincerely, A parent