A Story of being Independent

Second Sunday of May month is celebrated as Mother’s Day. It’s celebration of motherhood. We hold a special, pure, holy bond with mother. Mother’s love is something we feel, nurture and need not to be explained.

 She is our first teacher, friend and a guide. She is the one who makes us aware about our duties.She gets us ready on how to face the world. Many times she gives us list of Dos and Don’ts….which we don’t prefer to listen to but eventually end up realizing that she was right and how the hell she knew everything already 🙂

Let’s read a story about one such Mother-Son on this occasion. This is the story from very famous book in Marathi “Shyaamchi Aai” Author is respected Sane Guruji. (Full Name: Mr. Pandurang Sadashiv Sane)

There was an innocent small boy named Shyaam. He was staying with his Parents, siblings in a village. Though his family was poor, his parents always taught them reach values, manners to make them responsible ones. After sunset, all kids in house used to pray and say shlokas, mantras .This was daily ritual for them. This way kids knew all the prayers like Vishnusahastranamam, Ganeshstotram etc. ( 😐 We have almost forgotten these nowadays…..This not only helps in building concentration but also helps kids to pronounce any language clearly)There was only one stotra which Shyaam could not recite. It was Ramraksha. Whereas, his friend who was also his neighbor, Bhaskar could recite very easily.

Whenever Bhaskar used to recite Ramraksha, Shyaam would get upset. One such day, Shyaam got angry with Bhaskar on the same topic of Ramraksha and started shouting on him. Listening to this noise, Shyaam’s mother came out of house .When she understood the reason, she calmly told Shyaam not to get angry but rather invest same energy to learn what you lack.

“I don’t have a book that’s why I don’t know Ramraksha. Bhaskar has it already so he knows it…”Shyaam said furiously.

“So there is no way that you can learn it now?  Having book with you will only make you recite it?…..in old times when there were no books, no printing machines; students still used to recite Ramraksha and many such Shlokas…how were they doing it Shyaam?”  Said Mother and went inside house.

After dinner, Shyaam was getting his bed ready. He only were able hear his mother’s words again and again. He realized that he can do something for sure so that he can learn Ramraksha.

Next day being Sunday, he borrowed Ramraksha book from Bhaskar, promised to return him soon. Shyaam spent whole day to copy it on his notebook. He was delighted when he finished work and thanked Bhaskar for his help.Whenever Shyaam had free time, he would read notebook again and again. This continued for a week.

Shyaam’s mother could see everything but preferred to act blind.

Next Sunday, a week after, Shyaam and his siblings started reciting shlokas in evening .Shyaam this time recited Ramraksha loudly and confidently.His father was very surprised and happy to see Shyaam’s efforts and will of learning.

At night, on bed, Shyaam’s mother took his head on her lap and caressed his forehead.”Shyaam…my child, I am very proud of you.”

Shyaam had a twinkle in his eye.

What his mother said further is the extract of the story.

“If u had kept on shouting and getting angry on Bhaskar, would you ever have been able to recite Ramraksha? If u had kept on complaining that you don’t have a book, would you ever have been able to recite Ramraksha? Dear, we have eyes, legs, and hands. These are real god gifts. Make use of them. Stand on your own. Where there is a will, there is a way. Take efforts, work hard. More important BE INDEPENDENT .If you think, someone is better than you at something, learn from him or her. If you know something better than others, guide them, help them but never let anyone down”

Shyaam kept looking at his Mother. Felt like being in her lap forever.


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