Ditch Toys. Buy Board Games!

All that a child learns is through play. Playing board games has its own advantages. These games are entertaining and are a good workout for the brain too.

Teaches Patience: In board games the player has to wait for his turn to play, has to be patient at every level. The time factor involved in thinking and waiting helps build patience in kids.

Helps improve social skills: The board games need more than one player to play. It’s a great team building exercise and a good opportunity for a get together. It’s a perfect entertaining way to spend time collaborating and get you kid talking and making friends.

Helps in brain development: Playing board game is more of use your brain than use your body parts. Different board games have different rules and need different strategies to win. It’s a brain exercise that fuel different parts of brain.

Helps teach life skills:  Many board games are designed on real life scenarios. Business, monopoly etc make kids of real life scenario and help them learn.

Teach decision making: The kids have to do their part of thinking when playing as an individual in a team. Whatever the decision the kid takes decides the outcome and that could be a win or a defeat for him. This is a soft, simple and effective way to encourage children to make decisions and improve them.

Teach kids to follow rules: Every game has rules and when kids play in team they learn to follow rules. Playing in team, watching how each child is following rules teaches sense of discipline.

These advantages come apart from basic learning that the kids make while playing board games. It could be learning new vocabulary, counting etc. So the next time you go to a toy shop to buy a toy, think again, you might want to get a board game instead.