Efficient 4 ways to keep your child away from TV and Mobile


These are the 4 efficient and tested ways shared by few mothers .They are not experts but have faced issues for long. And came up with ideas, solutions to keep their kids away from screens. Today they can proudly say that “my child is no more addicted to either TV or Mobile” 

  1. Reduce overall usage of TV in house

It’s already said “Children learn from what you are than what you teach”

If it is a house where TV is continuously ON, kids will automatically have a habit of watching it. So it’s better to reduce overall time on watching TV by elders first, if you are seriously trying to form a habit to kid.

                Moreover, it’s equally important to be aware on the contents you are watching with your kid. Somewhere it is giving them the ideas on what they should or shouldn’t do.



  1. Time limit your own mobile usage as a parent

With mobile as one of the important accessory in today’s world, it’s next to impossible to avoid its usage. But it’s very much possible to limit it.

In first place, don’t give mobiles to kids to keep them busy while you do your work. At many places, especially at Doctors’ waiting room, many small kids are handling mobiles very efficiently to watch Bollywood songs. Today, most of the teenage population spends most of the time on social media.  It’s very difficult to keep them away from such electronic gadgets once they are addicted to it.so please set your own boundary!

  1. Shift your kids’ focus initially from TV to other activities


The next step is to get them engaged in some fruitful activities. It’s not always possible to be with kids for the working parents .But it’s possible to instruct their caretakers to have a watch on them.


Below are some of the activities

  1. Activity books and Activity kits

Most of the small kids like to work with activity books which have coloring, printing with vegetables, stamps and kits like greeting card making, diya painting, photo frame making etc.


  1. Let them play on open playground

This is one of the very essential activities a child should do regularly. If you have a dedicated child’s play area nearby, even better!


  1. Get them engaged in productive physical and social activities like PlayDay.

Some organizations arrange PlayDay, theme based activity days. These are the best opportunities for kids to keep them occupied as they enjoy play with some fruitful learning.


  1. Indoor play

A kid enjoys playing with building blocks, puzzles, colorful pictures. For little elder ones, playing board games, mind games is an option.


  1. Reading


“A book is a gift one can open again and again”

Right from small age, give them a book. In fact, you start reading books for better results J


Try to include, some of the possible activities in their daily routine apart from regular schedule of school and tuitions.                                                                   


  1. Spend time with them

“Time spent playing with children is never wasted”

Whether you are a working parent or stay at home, it’s very much needed to spend time with your kid, if not possible daily, at least once or twice a week and some quality time. That’s all he or she needs!!

Earlier you try to form such habits, faster Kids pick them up.

Anyways, key here is be patient if it takes time as children won’t suddenly leave the habit but gradually introducing other activities will surely help.

Hope you like the points. Please feel free to drop in your comments and ideas too 🙂