Fun ways to keep your kids occupied in vacations


  • Create a vacation club:

So for example, if your kid is a painter, create a painting club.

  • Invite the neighbor kids to join the club.
  • Decide upon the club activities. In this case, you could choose a landscape and the kids could draw or paint it in their drawing pads.

You could create a readers club, a cycling club, a movie club…

  • Get them writing:

Create a fun daily log. Ask your kid to write and then paint or draw about his/her day in the log.

  • Collect seeds of the season:

Ask your kids to collect the seasonal seeds of the local fruits you are consuming. Dry up the seeds in sun and then plant them, as many as you like. It is a fun way to let the kids connect with the environment too.

The saplings thus grown could be planted in the neighborhood or could be donated to many NGOs who would take them happily.

  • Send them to a hobby camp:

Instead of sending them to a summer or vacation camp full of various activities, you could send your kid to a hobby camp.

Hobby camps are targeted to cover up a single activity instead of covering up a bunch of activities. So your kid would be more interested to go in such camps.

  • Get them Outdoors:

Let them play by themselves at outdoors. Activities like running, jumping, cycling etc. are something that is necessary for the kids for their physical and as per studies, mental development too.

Parents must remember that they must spend more time with their kids in the vacations. More than anything what your kid would enjoy the most is your company while playing. Among many activities you could do these occasionally:

  • Read them a story at night
  • Arrange a Pajama party for one night and invite all your kids
  • Take them to an amusement park one weekend
  • Take them to a plant nursery. Children love to connect with nature.
  • Go along with your family to watch a movie.

Do enjoy and make the vacation memorable for kids and yourself too.