Fun ways to spend quality time with kids

Apart from all the efforts you are making daily, here are
some unusual and fun ways to enjoy with your kids while spending quality time.

Role swap – pretend play

This is an amazing way to understand your kid’s perspective
on how they are taking your talks/advices. So you are the kid and the kid gets to be the parent and act a scenario that you want to play. You will be amazed to see the perspective the children have of you. You can use the tantrums they show you while eating or shopping etc, to make them understand your situation.

Gardening together

Nature is the best to spend time around. Start a gardening
project together. Grow seasonal vegetables with your kids. Talk about plants and then talk about other things. Harvest what you have grown together. It is fun.

Take your kids to your workout place

Take your kids to your yoga class or gym and let them participate in whatever they could do. If you are a runner, take the kid with you. Connect and bond over importance of fitness.


Create origami art, draw and paint together. Play with the clay and create funny shapes. Crafts are fun and kids love to play with colours
anyway. There are uncountable ways to connect over art and you and your kid will have an amazing time together.

Create collections together

Make collection together. It could be sea shells, fallen bird
feathers, coins, stamps etc. Collect leaves of different shapes and colours. Even a collection of different coloured stones are good. Talk about these collections and be proud to show off of whatever small collections the kids have made with you.

Go for a nature walk on the weekend

Just get out of house and take your kid on a stroll among trees or nearest garden. Even a silent walk together in nature creates works on
bonding greatly. You might not always want to start first. Just be silent and let the kids talk. Be a listener. It works wonders.

No matter how you spend time together make sure that you give
the kids your hundred percent. It would not be of any use if you go on a nature
walk and keep checking your emails or social media on your walk. Even a night
of silently watching the night sky would contribute to make wonderful memories
for your kids of you.