Having an extracurricular activity for kids

Today’s fastest growing and competitive world always put forward challenges for Students. Academic Marks play an important role to survive in competitions as it has become a criterion to judge student’s intelligent quotient. But for sure, only academics are not and cannot be the criteria. But those who have survived the competition and struggled in Industry to set one’s own roots will have no doubt on the fact that academics are not everything.

For overall growth of a person, it’s very important to meet outside world. It’s very much needed to have your own talent, liking which defines you. Having at least one extracurricular activity will benefit a student in many ways.

  • A good break from routine work

Taking time out for an activity say learning a new outdoor game, drawing, learning classical or western dance style gives a break from routine work. It also helps one to learn how to manage own schedule with multiple tasks. There is no ideal time table with one can have an extracurricular activity. Unless and until, one doesn’t start it, it won’t happen. So AVOID EXCUSES and let kids take up own activity.

  • Helps Mind to stay focused.

It increases concentration. It’s refreshment from daily schedule. Many students look forward to the day when they have classes for activities like swimming , singing, Karate etc.

  • Feeling encouraged

Passing intermediate levels of Classical dance exams, Sketching and painting a beautiful drawing ,participation in stage show for dancers or even singing in family gatherings give kids  a happy feeling of having done something different .It helps  boost their self-confidence for sure.

  • Sooner the better

It’s a good idea to start having extra activity at the early age. As kids are fast learner, they pick up the skills easily. Also if it all, kid does not seem happy with what he or she is doing, one can change the activity as per his/her interests.

It also forms habit in them to keep working on such interests along with studies. Later it may become little difficult for them to adopt the balance.

  • Choosing an activity wisely.

It’s better to take into consideration kids areas of interests, likings, weak points , strong points etc. Let’s not force kids to do activities just because many others are doing .

Go Slow .Let’s start with one activity at a time. Take feedback from kid if he or she is really enjoying .Also let’s not push child with too many activities or expectations from it. Purpose is to boost their mental ,physical strength and not to drain it.