How to build strong immunity in children

Strong children

The current times have proved again that what saves you first is your health. The Corona virus (COVID – 19) has affecting everyone, especially the ones with low immunity.

The health of a person cannot be built right away but is gained by developing a habit from one’s childhood. Those who have had always paid attention to their health have less to worry but for others it’s time to reflect.

What’s done is done. But you can make the future by better by starting afresh, especially with children. Below are few tips to building a strong immunity in children:

  • Sleep and sleep more

Children should never compromise on their sleep time. A good sleep improves metabolism and is important in keeping oneself fit. Good sleeping habits are a must to develop in children. Lack of sleep affects immunity and could cause serious health issues in the long term. A warm water bath, hot milk, no gadgets on bed etc are popular bedtime routines elucidated many time over every medium which are a key for good night’s sleep.


  • Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

There is nothing like a fresh taste of seasonal produce. Encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables. Take them shopping and let them choose their food themselves. The habits develop over time. Do not give up easily when initially the children resist to adapt to eating them. Be an example. Explain the benefits with patience. Do not give up. It is important.


  • Stay away from packaged/junk food

The reason is that most of the packaged food contains chemicals to prevent the packed food from rotting. Others are heavy on materials which you would not use if you were making them fresh. For example, some of the burgers you eat out are precooked with chemicals added and have artificial flavor enhancers. These are the items that our body do not need and is not designed to digest.


  • Play in the dirt

Studies have proved that playing out actually helps build immunity in children. This is because exposure to certain microorganisms helps build resistance against them.


  • Keep your body clean

Regular cutting of nails, trimming of hair, washing under body parts which are easily ignored are cleaning habits which cannot be ignored. Dirt clogged in nails or other parts of the body could cause harmful infections in the body. These lower the immunity in children.


  • Go out

Nature is the ultimate healer. The body needs exposure to the entire five elements (Sky, Air, Water, Earth and Fire) from which it is made out of. Breath the fresh air, run with naked feet, go swimming in the river, drink from the stream, play in the mud, put together a bonfire.


  • Practice meditation

The child’s mind also needs immunity. It needs immunity from the negative thoughts, anger, anxiety, fear and much more. Meditation is the best cure for the affected mind. It could be just sitting alone and listening to a flowing stream. Find out the ways to calm and silent the mind. Parents can help their children.


Every child is different and every child has a different environment. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide the best possible out of the surroundings for their children. Keeping children away from passive smoke, radiation, providing clean surroundings, basic medical attention is basic that every child needs.

Love and care are the primary factors which a child needs even before anything else. Have patience and love them and love even more.

Take care.


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