Surviving the lockdown with kids at home


After almost four months of being in lockdown, most parents would agree on the point that the only way to survive this time with kids is through patience. So whether it is attending the school with your kids along with your job or with house work, patience and persistence is going to be the base for all those parents, who still have to survive weeks or may be months in the same situation.

Here are few tips to make the life easier:

  • Try to fix to a schedule

However difficult it may seem, following a regular routine is a must. It has become very difficult to follow a timetable for things which were easily on schedule when you were able to go out. For example, you were getting up at time and now you are not as you do not have to worry about catching the school bus or office cab. Keeping a schedule will help you to be on track with kid’s activities like school and other classes.

  • Make time for kids

Though you may be thinking that you are spending 24 hours of your day with your kids, it is still not the same if you are not doing it right. Being just around is totally different. Making time for kids means doing things “together” where you actually are paying complete attention to your children. Watching television when your children are sitting next to you watching YouTube is not making time together.

  • Do something new each day

To help with point number 2, start doing something new with your kids each day. It could be a simple thing as gardening together or could be like learning a new language together. The key here is that it should be fun and enjoyable for both. So if you child does not want to learn a new language, the time spent together does not count.

  • No Compromise in health

 Remember, your kids need you the most in these times. Take care of yourself along with your family. Do not compromise on healthy eating, exercise and sleep. Remember that the situation is going to end today or tomorrow but your health will only be with you forever to take care of people who count. The best is to encourage your kids in joining you when you are exercising, meditating or may be when preparing some healthy food.

  • Take out time for yourself

Making some time for “you only” is again very important. Not allowing yourself some “me” time is like trying drink from an empty glass which you had no time to fill. Fill yourself with good thoughts. Plan for a better future. And most important be hopeful of a better tomorrow that you are preparing for your children today.

Do share your tips on how you all are surviving this period and good luck. Stay Safe.