Monsoon precautions for our kids

Finally monsoons have arrived!!!

After waiting for long, after lot of calculations and predictions, it is in town !!

Roads are wet, trees are shaking their heads and we all are getting into the monsoon mood.

When it comes to children around, they too like this season a lot .But as parents we need to be cautious about lot of surrounding factors so that we and our kids can really enjoy the rains.

Here are listed, little precautions we all parents can take to avoid common health issues during the season.

  • Avoid eating street side food

In fact, one should avoid eating outside if possible. Homemade food is the best for kids.Even in good restaurants, quality of raw materials used cannot be guaranteed.Such  cooked food is difficult for even elders to digest and hence leading to health issues .So best way out is to cook food at home. If you wish to eat bhajiyas, vadas to celebrate rainy day, cook it at home involving your kids. Yes, involve your kids in kitchen. Ask them to wash veggies, Get plates ready etc. They will enjoy it more!

  • Make habit of carrying Umbrella and raincoat

Many times we carry umbrella if it’s already raining or seems like will rain. Make it habit of carrying this stuff in your daily bag. Specially for kids, always keep raincoat in school bag.

  • Keep set of clothes always handy

It’s a good practice to keep an extra set of clothes in bag. If drenched, dry off your kid quickly. Mainly hairs.

  • Keep common medicines handy

Cough, cold and fever are the common issues kids face in this season. So it’s better to list down all the medicines suggested by your medical practitioner with appropriate doses, timings on a paper. So in case parents are not available, domestic help can give the medicines to kids, if required.

  • If travelling ,carry your own food and medicines

If we need to travel with kids in this season, get  snacks prepared at home .Its much healthier and safer to carry home cooked food  .You may refer  to quick recipes of Meraki Toy Library’s blogs.

 Similarly for medicines, carry commonly needed medicines like cold, cough, fever and stomachache with proper dosage information.

  • Use warm clothes covering hand and chest

It’s a good practice to use warm full clothes covering chest, full hands, full legs and socks covering feet during nights. Even during day time, full warm clothes protect kids from windy and cool weather.

  • Avoid stagnant water

Stagnant water, cool weather and humidity encourage microbial growth and breeding of mosquitoes. These transmit a number of diseases like malaria, dengue, water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid etc. Hence do not let water be stagnant around and inside your houses like balconies, gardens.

                     Hope all these tips will help you to plan your days better. More importantly, do not forget to get wet in rains along with your kids once in a while 🙂 After all it’s an opportunity for  kids  to make one of the best childhood memories.