New Year Resolutions for Kids

New Year is here. It’s time to start new beginnings and take new resolutions. Along with parents kids should also be encouraged to take up at least one resolution to start with.  The primary school kids are old enough to understand what a resolution is and parents could help them choose what is most needed for them.

  • Reduce mobile/ TV time

This will be the number one in the list of resolutions for most of the parents. List out the time when they are allowed to watch the screen and for how much time. Alternatively, allow them to watch their favourite shows once a day.

  • Eat more vegetables

This might be a tricky one for parents. It is important to stay committed to this one. Tell the kids why this is important. Start with the vegetables they like.

  • Eat at least one fruit a day

Take the kids to the market and let the kids choose the fruits they want to try. Make fruit salads; involve the kids in making it.

  • Read more

Reading is fun. Start with picture books that have the least text. To start with even a full page a day is OK. Take library subscription so that the kids have new books to read regularly. Staying committed is important.

  • More outdoor play/Activity

Outdoor play is important for overall growth. The benefits of it have been stated by many. Kids can take a resolution to play outdoors for at least an hour or two. This could involve group plays, cycling etc.

  • Pray daily

Praying brings peace. You will be amazed to see what difference it could make in a year. Add it in their resolution list and take out at least 15 minutes for praying. Do it together.

  • Sleep and get up early

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise”.  The benefit of this resolution is definitely going to go a long way for them.

  • Help in at least one household chores daily

This resolution will help in making them independent. This will make them responsible and ready for future.

  •  Regular study time

This will help in not getting left behind in studies or regular class schedule. A regular time table will help a lot. Parents can make the timetable along with kids and help them follow it.

  • Cultivate a hobby

It could be learning to swim, learning a classical dance or a musical instrument. It could be learning kick boxing or a new language. Anything that the kid has interest in, should be taken up for a year.

There could be so many more resolutions that the kids could make. Do make sure that they do not take up too many and then not follow any at the end. It is OK to take just one resolution. It is important for parents to be a solid support for kids in accomplishing their resolutions. A resolution may not seem difficult for you at all but for them it could be. Help them stay committed. Be an example. Take up the resolutions with them and follow together. For example: the screen time limitation for kids should be equally applicable for you too.

Have you made New Year’s resolutions with your kids? Do let us know what they are and how you are staying committed to it.