A Story of Productivity

While in the middle of lock down, we are either working from home or working for Home ;-)Some are working double to manage house and office work both, kids are little bored to sit at home while some are busy updating themselves with social media. Everyone has by now set her or his own schedule to fit in to lock down period. But only thing one should make sure is to be POSITIVE in attitude believing that this phase too shall pass.

Why not use this period, to read something good?

Let’s read this story.

There was a merchant staying in a city with his medium-scaled business of producing and selling Jeans. He was a famous merchant known for his brand of Jeans. He had his own production house where qualities of clothes were stitched.

Merchant too was wise and competitive. He had always worked hard. By God’s grace, business started booming and demand was more. He asked his staff to produce more jeans per day. There was good amount of rise in production. Sell was more and so was the profit. Brand was getting famous and hence demand started growing too. Merchant announced his staff to increase the production per day and the employee with highest score will get additional bonus.

Again there was increase in production leading to increased profits. This time merchant wanted to have surplus stock to meet the demand, so he asked his staff to work more and more. Gradually weekly off was cancelled. Staff was working 7 days a week with extra time every day. Though the staff was not excited to work, they were paid extra and so the production was in full speed. This kept going for a while. Merchant was happy with his profits.

All of a sudden, came a twist in the story. Day by day, demand started going down. Though there was lot of production, sell got affected .When studied in detailed by merchant, he found that buyers were not happy with quality of jeans. There were defects in stitches, button quality causing people to divert to other brands in market. Merchant setup a dedicated quality control team to check the defects internally .To his surprise, 6 out of 10 jeans were poorly done. This also caused lot of re-work, fixing the defects. Nothing was helping much. Staff was not at all happy with work atmosphere. They somehow were trying to meet deadlines.

Wise merchant sat for a while and tried to review his entire business strategies. As he was clearly able to see downfall, he wanted to check himself first what could have gone wrong. He decided to rollback certain decisions he had made in past. One of them was reducing long working hours. Factory started getting weekly off as before. Within few weeks, the graph of quality started rising .He further decided to reduce extra working hours everyday. After some weeks, not only production was good but also the quality of jeans. This helped brand to re-establish once again in Market.

Hence it’s very important to have well rested team at work. Slogging does affect the quality of one’s work and hence productivity.

Our daily life story is also little bit similar to this one. We have been working so hard, continuously that many things are missed by us. Why not use this lock down time to have full rest, work on our self and to catch up the missing things which we could not do earlier due to lack of time and hence come out as better, well rested, well prepared person to face the future.