Storytelling & Kids

It would not be true if I said that stories are loved only by children. Storytelling is an art that has taken many forms. But what remains the favorite, especially among children, would still be the stories told by their parents, aunts, elder siblings or grandparents while they are relaxing on bed or when sitting under a tree while on a picnic. The time you get to spend with your child telling them stories-Fairies or Gods, Culture or Past-will certainly help him make good memories. Apart from these, there could be more benefits of telling stories to children:

  • Language Development

Children ask questions and learn new words, phrases in stories. Didn’t we all first hear the phrase “All that glitters is not gold” in a story? It’s through stories that children get to learn their first vocabulary willingly. Many early childhood development models encourage storytelling for language development.

  • Imagination

Stories open a world of imagination. Creating images of the things they hear help them visualize and relate things when they actually see it. It is amazing to see how different children could imagine differently. You could tell them a story and ask them to create the picture of a thing or a character for it and see yourself!

What they can imagine they can create.

  • Belief

The stories of great Saints and Peers have inculcated beliefs in us. No one was there when Buddha was born but it’s his stories that have made people believe in the power of love and peace. Telling the kids stories about cultures and past makes them understand their values and beliefs better.

  • Motivation

Have you heard the story of a freedom fighter that motivated you so much to make you do better for your country? A small story can improve your willingness to do things you never have thought. 

Remember the first time you heard the phrase – “Slow but steady wins the race”. The story of the slow tortoise and the fast hare heard at the time when you were a little kid still motivates you to not give up and keep moving on.

  • Cognitive skills

Story telling improves listening skills. It helps child to relate and remember things they do in daily life. The things told to them in form of stories when they are little make a learning foundation for them.

A good storyteller would never fail to inspire anyone who is listening to the story. The raw mind of a child is the best natural resource that could be shaped into making a great human being by inculcating into him the values that could make him do the best he can. Storytelling here can make the job easier.

Keep telling stories…