The Hunger Stories – The Children’s Day burgers

An event that occurs every year in a prestigious school on Children’s day. An event for which the children at the near by shanties wait for a year long… Do Read …

Poornima teaches in a reputed school in a metro city. On children’s day every year, the school orders huge amount of food items. These are burgers, Veg-puffs, cakes and cold-drinks etc. These things are distributed among the children. To her surprise, many of the children do not even open up the parcels and throw them away in the dustbin. The calorie conscious breeds eat a bite or two and the rest again gets dumped into the bin. When the teachers asked them to share, they said that why would they share when they got one for each. Few said that they get to eat a lot better than these burgers and the school should be ashamed to distribute such items to the children.

Few teachers took stand seeing the amount of food wasted and on the next celebration they told the children to not take and throw the food in the bin. They said, “Just do not take it if you do not want to eat”. They told them to consider throwing away half eaten burgers and asked them to share and save the food. Few listened, few did not.

The remaining food parcels were collected and one teacher took the responsibility to make good use of it. One of these teachers knew a place near her apartment where there were shanties as her maid had told her about it. She asked fellow teachers to help her carry the bags with her. Poornima volunteered. The teacher’s maid lived there and as they arrived the maid called all the children. A big bunch of children came and were given the remaining burgers. The children were eating the burger for the first time. Few opened up and ate it like chapati bhaji, some ate it in few second and asked for more. Not a single grain was wasted. Those who would have seen those children eat the burgers would never throw them again. Few teachers cried seeing how desperately the children were eating.

Seeing the scene there the teachers decided to talk to the management. Their demand was to reduce the amount of food items on such occasions to reduce food wastage. They said that instead of wasting the food in such huge amount, some could be donated to the needy children.  They submitted a written request to the management and a couple of representatives were called for the meeting. To their surprise the reply was, “We are a reputed school. Can’t we afford a little extra to maintain our reputation? Our institute is already into a lot of charity and we are not stopping you to do anything. Do not make an issue out of this.” Some teachers kept quite but some didn’t.

On every such occasion, a very few teachers take the responsibility to utilize the wasted burgers. The only help they got from the school was that before throwing away the garbage, it will be scanned for food they only will have to do it. . Some children also listened to their teachers and voluntarily donated their burgers and asked their class mates to not throw them in the dustbin and give them to those teachers instead.

The “Reputation” of the school is growing. Thanks to the prayers of those hungry children who get to eat those burgers.