The Hunger Stories – The Holy month and the eggs!

I was worried. The holy month of “Chaitra” was arriving the next day and there were still around 25 eggs lying in the fridge. My husband has a habit of buying everything in bulk. My mother-in law asked me to throw them away but I did not want to throw those eggs.

The Hunger Stories

I was thinking hard on what to do with them when my sister called me. I shared my dilemma with her. She said,”It’s not a problem”. She asked me to boil all of the eggs the next morning and bring it to our uncle’s house where we were supposed to meet for a random get-together. She would take it all. I asked her what would she do with the eggs and she said that she would give them to the poor kids living in the slums near her society. I told her that I have 25 eggs and would the children be able to eat them all and then she said, “Don’t worry. Even 50 would have been less”.

The next morning I boiled all the eggs and packed them. When we met at our uncle’s house, I handed the bag to my sister. She had come with my mother. When we left, I told my sister that I want to come with her to see where she is going.

When we reached her building, I asked my mother to take our kids up. My mother asked us to return quickly as the kids were hungry.

My sister started walking hurriedly and I followed her. We were walking for 5 minutes only when my mother called and asked us to come quickly as the children were getting cranky. We decided to take an auto rickshaw. The auto driver asked us where to head and she said she does not know the name of the place.  She started instructing the auto driver on where to turn.  As the auto took a right behind a huge mall, I started to see a bushy area which was deserted. After few seconds, I could see dirty cloths hanging on the two feet broken walls on the left side. She asked the driver to stop near that broken wall. She got down and quickly started walking inside those bushes. I was a little afraid to go inside those bushes but then she did not even give me a chance to stop her. I followed her. The auto driver also came out of the auto to see where we two are going. As we went in I could now see shanties. My sister called aloud, “Hey children, come out” and then she ran back towards the road.

Within seconds a huge number of children came running out of that area. I was surprised to watch them all. They were as little as one year old to 10 year olds. They surrounded my sister and literally started snatching the eggs from the bag. My sister was good in handling those children and made sure that she gives one to each child. In a fraction of a second all the eggs were gone and the children who got the eggs ran back into the shanties and little ones who arrived late started crying. Now I understood why she was saying that even 50 eggs would be less. She consoled the little ones and turned back to the auto. We sat in the auto and asked him to drop us at her building. On the way back my mother called again at my sister’s number.

When we reached her apartment we saw that our kids were playing out in the lobby with her neighbour’s daughter and that little girl’s grandma was also sitting there watching over her.

My mother asked where we two went and my sister told her that we went to give those eggs to the children in the shanties. Hearing this, the old neighbour got angry.

She said, “You have sinned. It’s the holy month and you have fed eggs to the children.”

 To this my sister said nothing and went inside to cook. She knew the only sin was that we did not have enough eggs to feed them all.