The Little Creatures

The best kid


The neighbor’s charming, clean and quite lad

Or the Shopkeeper’s smiling kid who is never sad.

Your cousin’s little one who is always crying,

Climbing and falling but always trying.


The one with the dirty cloths and messy room

Who keeps you on toes always with broom?

Or cleaning and cooking for the little one,

Who is always pulling your messy bun?


May be the serious one who studies so well

Or the talkative kid who always have stories to tell.

The one always on streets, who loves wandering,

Or the intelligent one, who is always pondering.


Could it be the nose that’s sharp or may be small?

How could we choose the best of them all?

One or two and you might have many

How do you choose a favorite if any?


A parent or neighbor, aunt or teacher

Always surrounded by these little creatures.

All the anger and frustration at times

Melts down with their laughs like soothing chimes.


For we all know that there is no one rule

That works for them all like some magic tool.

The uniqueness in each makes them who they are

And if we have to chose, let’s chose them all.