The little Krishna – The naughty but playful kid like all

Janmashtami – The celebration of the birth of little
Krishna. To celebrate this day, a cradle is decorated with flowers and the little Krishna idol is put into it and devotees swing it and chant mantras, sing Krishna lullabies. People remember the little Krishna and his mischievous stories.

Krishna was loved by all and we all have heard stories of
the little Krishna.  Even after all his naughty acts to trouble the villagers he still was a favourite child – A carefree child, who loved to play. Someone who reflects the image of how every child should be.

He played with the mud and the waters. He played with the cows and the snakes. He played with the gods and the demons too. Though he was a mighty god but before that he was a normal kid who loved to play with his friends. He ran bare feet with his friends in the entire village; he too played till late in the evening. And off course- he always did things which his mother asked him not to do. J

 He loved to roll in the mud and ate it too. Remember the story when Yashoda asked him to open his mouth to check if he has eaten mud and when he opened his mouth she saw the whole universe in it. Then, he loved to eat messy. He loved to eat “Makhan” the way he wants, as much he wants. He too has broken vessels, has run after herds, has played in rains and has gotten punished too.

Overall, his childhood stories remind the listener of a happy kid, of a childhood that each kid should have. On this Janmashtami, let’s try to see that little Krishna in our kids. Let’s pray for their happy childhood.  

Happy Janmashtami to all…