What happens children are set free – A Story

At times it is difficult for parents to allow what the children want to do.  Refusing or disallowing disheartens them both. Mostly the parents get angry as it seems to work fast and effective for time being.

But what happens when children are set free or just ignored to have their creative sides explode.

Here is a story of such a child told by a Mother. Do read to see what happened when she was left alone to make the home a “so called” mess.

Free children

My daughter has won her first ever prize in a drawing competition and I am in tears. Not that this was a world level competition but there has been a full 4 years history behind it, which went through my mind as soon as I saw the teachers note in her handbook.

Anyone who comes to my house and has never seen my house in the past few years would either suggest me to paint my walls, replace kitchen drawers or would try to give me some contact of their civil contractor. If my daughter ever listened to these, initially she started to get a little sad as she knew that she would get a scolding from me.

The reason being, all of the walls of my flat, and mind it- all means all, have been painted, sketched, scratched in all the possible colors and all the possible shapes or images that my daughter is aware of and to the heights of her hands reach . Her love of drawing started at a very early age and though we as a parents have provided her all kinds of drawing/sketch books, big or small, blank or not, she has always chosen the walls to express her love for colours and drawing. She even coloured the beigecolour kitchen drawers and would not listen to anything that I have to say.

A cleanliness freak, as my husband calls me, after coming to home after long hours that too travelling for 2-3 hours, I always wanted to see my house clean and things in place, which my little princess has never understood the need of and the artist inside her explored all the corners of my home. Her grandparents were her full supporters and never ever objected when she even coloured their wardrobe mirror with crayons. And she did it every day and they kept cleaning it every day.

If the doors are cleaned and the walls are painted, the little artist would get more excited as if a new canvas has been prepared for her. Even after numerous talks, scolds, the walls of my home remained multicoloured.

I was so busy at my work that for almost a year I was never at home and my daughter had all the freedom for her hobby. It was Christmas a year back when my husband and I was sitting and sipping onto a hot cup of tea, when my husband started laughing and said,” see what she did this time”. The little artist this time took the sketch pens and sketched a big Christmas tree with all the ornaments on her dad’s new crisp yellow shirt. I got so angry that I got up in anger and moved towards her shouting. She started crying. Understanding my emotions my husband immediately took her to her grandparents and said,” it’s ok. It’s just a shirt”. My temperament rose. Looking at all the walls, wardrobes, kitchen shelves, I told him that this must stop now. I said that it’s me only who is putting in efforts to make her understand that this is not right. Everyone listened. At the end my husband said that we will get everything nicely painted once she is grown up. I was not convinced.

Days went by and my sister in law got married into the same city. A whole new bunch of relatives started to visit my home. As soon as people would enter the house, they will say,” hmm… seems like there is an artist here” and I would smile in embarrassment. Meanwhile the artist inside my little one also grew and the shapes started to become familiar. I was taking a call early morning in my balcony when I saw this new creation of the artist. She was now using water colors and painted a nice beach with one coconut tree and red sun, though not perfect but easily understandable. After my call finished I waited desperately for her to wake up and as soon she was up, I took her to the balcony and asked if she has made it. In a sad voice she said, “Yes mamma. Sorry mamma.” “It is beautiful dear”, I said and she glowed. She said that she has painted the beach in Goa where we went a month back. This time on her fourth birthday I gifted her one full pack of colours and she was on the seventh heaven. In her summer vacation the little artist knew no boundaries and the walls at my home got some more colours.

Her love for her art seems to work like law of attraction. Every gift she received was either some sort of colours, colour palate, sketch pens or paint brushes. She even received these as return gifts on birthdays. Not only that, her new school has alternate Saturdays reserved for colours and crafts only. She couldn’t be happier.

With the new school and a lot of opportunities to express her art, I did not realize when did my little girl started to perfect her art. She always has stars on her hand every Saturdays and more stars in her colouring book. When I went to the Parents teachers meet, I eagerly wanted to see her creation for which she has won the prize. Her teacher showed me her work and said in amazement that she even painted the background. 

It was a Christmas tree, full with ornaments on a yellow background.