Why do we celebrate festivals ?

It’s already a festival time !!   Ganeshotsav is just over and Navratri are round the corner. We all will be geared up soon for upcoming  gala days.Have you ever thought why do we celebrate such festivals? For sure, it’s not celebrated only to worship God. There are some more hidden and interesting facts. Here you go.

  • Change in routine life

This is a prime cause. Imagine life without festivals…. It will be boring and dull. To make our living eventful, we have festivals. This is the time when we change our daily schedule, plan in advance for get togethers and spend some joyful time. Be it Diwali, Navratri or Holi, each festival has its own flavor.

  • Align eating habits to the change of climate

This is a hidden and indirect message we get from festivals. They mark not only the  celebrations  but also the special savories that are prepared, characteristic of that particular  festival. E.g.

MakarSankranti    –  Til ,Jaggery laddoo ,Bajra Roti to prepare body for winter season Shravan month – to calm and regulate digestion system by eating  seasonal vegetables ,by fasting Masala Milk for Kojagiri -According to Ayurveda, acidity aggravates at the end of the monsoon season. Hence cooling foods are recommended to neutralise the pitta.The consumption of cold milk and rice flakes are good remedy for pitta.

And the list is big enough 🙂 Such food is not only delicious but also essential for the season.

  • Family Time

Our Indian culture has already thought about all important aspects of our relations in a family and how to preserve, enhance them further.

          Western countries have days for such   celebrations like Thanks Giving day, mother’s day etc. But our traditions have Bhai dooj, Rakshabandhan, Matrudin, Guru Poornima and many more such festivals to take care of and to show gratitude for other relations .We come together as family on Diwali, Ganesh Festival, Doorga Pooja and not only perform rituals but eat together, exchange gifts and more importantly spend time together.

  • Relax and Recharge

There is some kind of importance attached to each festival. Ganesh Pooja includes Aartis ( Singing devotional songs ), Gauri Pooja has traditional songs, dance by elderly ladies, Navratri has Garba ,Dandiya.

This Not only relaxes our mind but recharges us back to the grind.

  • Dress up and Mood Up yourself

     Different  regions in India have special ways to celebrate each festival. In Maharashtra, Navratis are celebrated by wearing nine yard sari dancing on bhondala (songs in regional language Marathi describing daily chores and efforts behind it,daily life etc ) songs, in Gujarat, Rajasthan by wearing  Ghagara cholis  while playing Garba and in Kolkata, the traditional red-bordered white sari is the preferred attire for Bengali women.

During Diwali , many prefer wearing traditional attire while some prefer latest trendy looks. Though it’s a personal choice, it uplifts our mood and it makes you feel good .

  • Boost up local economy

Clothes,food,grocery,home decor and so on…..Lot of shopping is done for festive season. It gives a boost up to local economy. It gives opportunity to masses to earn extra income. We see lot of vendors selling diyas, Rakhis, Torans along with usual stuff. Flower  sellers get busy selling seasonal flowers , garlands. Tailors  have lot of work .In short , it’s a good opportunity for small scale businesses to earn along with big ones.

  • Pass on culture to your next generations

Last but not the least.  After all, India is known for its  culture and history. We need to preserve it by passing it to the next generations.so that It stays alive forever and they all too can feel proud for their rich values.

This is not only a heritage but it’s a package of knowledge, information, science and happiness .